Steve Overman

Data Integration and Quality Coordinator
has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and a master’s degree in educational leadership.  He taught in public schools for nearly a decade before refocusing his career to quality management and improvement along with database support of government programs including child support, mental health, and now Ryan White.  He has training and experience in both stock and enhanced CAREWare systems, Ryan White programming and reporting, and utilization/performance monitoring of subrecipients.  Steve worked with the Part A program of Shelby County Government for nearly four years as their data analyst.  While there, Steve coordinated the centralization and EMR integration of multiple CAREWare databases in a tristate area into one system to enable better coordination of care, enhance their data collection, and reduce duplicative data entry.  He feels strongly about lessening users’ apprehension about using data systems by empowering them with training.  He is passionate about freeing direct service providers from manual and duplicative data entry, wherever possible, to allow them to interact with clients to improve outcomes.
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