As we approach the end of 2022, we look back at what the TriYoung team has accomplished…

We began the year with expanding our team and bringing on a new Support Systems Analyst, Daniel Calas, in January 2022. Daniel is a member of our Support team and the first level of support for most of our clients. He provides customer service to our various customers which includes configuration, customization, reporting, documentation, project management and training of various software systems. He also supports the development, maintenance, de-bugging, and quality of our web applications and other tools used for our customers. Daniel has an enthusiastic sense of humor and has been a fantastic addition to our team.

This year our President, Julie Young, implemented a new project management software that was a game changer. Julie found a system she could customize to meet every need for managing our clients. Yes, I mean everything! A prospect can start in the system, then move to a client, and a project folder can be created from a template. Then a project plan template can be applied with due dates and the person assigned to the task. If a due date moves on the project plan, it adjusts the due dates on future tasks. Julie also created an Agile Board broken up in 3-week Sprints that allows us to directly apply our priority project tasks to a Sprint. Also, we now have a form our clients fill out to request assistance that will automatically create a task and assign it to the appropriate support team member. The system allows us to email directly to the client and all the communication whether internal or external stays inside the task. We can attach a document, add a link, or create a checklist within a task. This system also prioritizes our work for us. It tells us what is due today, tomorrow and in the future. The best part is our time is recorded in each task as we are working. I told you I meant everything!

In 2022, our team focused on writing out and improving Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for every task each of us performs. We first selected a format that the team agreed to use across all SOPs. We wrote SOPs for internal TriYoung administrative tasks. We wrote SOPs for the Vanilla versions of our software. We also ensured client specific system SOPs remained up to date with requested system updates. Having the SOP resources has made our team more efficient and effective because they can get their answers from the documentation.

We successfully implemented systems for multiple jurisdictions in 2022. We implemented our Ryan White Integrated Statewide Eligibility System (RWISE) for a Ryan White Part B (RWPB) Program and AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). We began RWISE discovery for a Ryan White Part A (RWPA) Program. We even had a RWPB join a RWPA in RWISE.

We also worked with clients to complete Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and CAREWare Integration projects. We created a tool that transforms the data from the EMR into a format that is acceptable in CAREWare. This prevents duplicate data entry in two systems.

Our team worked with fifty-two agencies to prepare their data and successfully submit their Ryan White Services (RSR) report. We assisted ADAP providers in three jurisdictions with the preparation of their data and successfully submitting their ADAP Drug Report (ADR).

This year our team implemented what we call a “Testing Squad Scrimmage (TSS).” This is live group testing that is scheduled on the tester’s calendar. We first start with the “Internal Testing Squad Scrimmage” which includes both our Development and Support Teams. We create users for each tester according to the system role they will be testing. We create test plans applicable for each system role for the testers to complete. The Project Lead provides an overview of the system to highlight areas that are unique to the jurisdiction we are testing. We each follow the test plan scenarios on our test plans and test together. The project lead shares their screen to show the testers how to complete each scenario. The testers can also share their screens to ask questions or to show any bugs they may find. We then wrap up testing and each tester saves their results. The project lead will then provide a consolidated list of changes to the development team. The TSS provides thorough testing and has prevents issues prior to system implementation.

In 2022, we worked on adding improvements to our “Vanilla” code for our web applications. As we implement new systems and learn better ways of doing things, we make sure these improvements are added to what we call our “Vanilla” code which means it is plain code for basic system functionality. When we complete a client’s discovery, we learn their unique programmatic needs. It is like adding chocolate syrup and sprinkles on top of the ice cream. 😊

Another accomplishment for our team was the development of a Case Management Acuity Scale. This is an evidence-based tool that helps case management teams determine the level of care, monitoring, and management that the client is likely to need at that point in their care. This tool will help identify clients who experience extreme difficulty with staying in care. The Acuity Scale was developed to respond to the evolving needs of clients living with HIV/AIDS, but it can be used to manage any chronic illness. With the acuity score the medical case manager can then place the client within an acuity level/management level, i.e., intensive, moderate, basic, and self-management. The Acuity Scale then determines the intensity of Medical Case Management services that the client receives.

One of our most honored accomplishments in 2022 was being asked to present at the National Ryan White Virtual Conference. We participated in the Ending the HIV Epidemic through a Rapid Start Community-Wide Implementation and Beyond session. The Rapid Start system is delivered through a centralized model using CAREWare data management system. CAREWare is a system funded through HRSA for data collection on Ryan White funded activities for People Living with HIV/AIDS. The extension of the system for Rapid Start allows current providers using CAREWare to have no change in data collection requirements.

In October, our entire team met in person for the first time at our four-day team building event. Our team and spouses had dinner at Julie's house. After dinner, we obliterated the #1 Team Pinata with a bat in her backyard. We took our new team and individual pictures at the corporate office for our website. Julie planned fun games that allowed us to get to know each other better. We went on a Grand Canyon Jeep tour and Bearizona in Williams. Julie planned an impressive event; we all had a blast and are incredibly grateful for our time together.

As we look back on 2022, it is with immense pride to be part of a team with true passion to accomplish remarkable things. Cheer to 2023 and all the adventures it will bring to our team.
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