Our Systems Analyst and Web Application Specialist, Natalia Trodahl, shared what our Core Conviction, Meaningful Work: Building with Heart and Creativity, means to her and how she put it into practice.

Natalia describes meaningful work as creating content for the end users to make their processes easier to navigate. Her goal is to create less pain points with system interaction. Natalia is our Online User Help Tool expert. She listens to the end users’ needs and determines the user help tools that will allow our customers to have a better experience. Her goal is to save the customer time so they can dedicate more quality time to the clients they serve.

Recently, Natalia deployed helpful tips using our online user help tools to an area of our Ryan White Integrated Statewide Eligibility (RWISE) system. The end users experienced challenges navigating the steps to complete a referral in the system. The tips aided their experience by providing reminders and next steps.

Now the customer can select the green check mark or questions mark to view helpful information. Natalia also added a reminder for them to check their queue. The queue displays clients with eligibility due to expire in the next 60 days. This reminder helps ensure clients stay connected to services.      

The end users were so excited to see Online User Help Tools in their system. These tools improved their efficiency in processing referrals and helped retain clients in care.

We would like to thank Natalia Trodahl for her meaning work and building with heart and creativity.
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