2020 will be the year that will forever be ingrained in our memories. From the moment it began with the Australian Bush Fire to the COVID-19 pandemic, we faced a year like none of us had ever experienced in our lifetime. At TriYoung, in our meetings, we created a platform for our team to speak freely about how they have been impacted and how they are feeling. Some were only impacted by the inconvenience of not finding toilet paper and others lost family members. We have shared laughter and tears. But most importantly, we continued to work together, business as usual. With the world around us changing, we wanted to maintain a consistent level of service to each other and our clients. When the stay at home orders began, we worked diligently with our clients to ensure their patients had continuity of care despite everyone working remotely.

We were very blessed to gain new clients in 2020. We are helping a client improve their reporting by integrating their electronic medical records system with their own stand-alone install of CAREWare. We are assisting a client with implementing our Ryan White Integrated Statewide Eligibility system (RWISE) with AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) module along with some of our other web applications and reporting tools. It brings us joy to help our clients reduce the administrative burden so they can focus on providing the best patient care.

In 2020, we added two talented and passionate people to the TriYoung team. We welcomed LisaMarie Bates, Systems Analyst & Support Specialist. We also welcomed a new Jr. Programmer, Jack Daniels. They have brought new energy, perspectives and ideas to our team. We are very blessed to have LisaMarie and Jack join us in 2020.

This year was a roller coaster ride, but we made it through. On behalf of the TriYoung Team, I want to thank you all for being part of our journey and wish you the best in 2021!
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