At TriYoung, Inc., we strive to provide the resources for organizations to implement data driven solutions that are secure, scalable, reliable, efficient, and cost effective. TriYoung develops innovative business database solutions for reporting and business management that are designed for the current business requirements, yet scalable for the future business requirement. Our solutions save our clients the most precious commodity of all…. time. When our team started to feel like we needed more time, our President, Julie Young, decided it was time to review our internal processes to determine where we could be more efficient. This led to a system change the made the world of difference.

When Julie began to review our internal processes, she discovered that we had several tools we were using to serve our clients. We used email for communication, Teams for internal chat, a service ticket system for client request, client folders for projects, and our Agile board for project planning. There was a lot of different areas we had to visit to accomplish our work. She knew we could be more efficient, so she began to research solutions. This is an area of expertise for Julie which is why TriYoung has been so successful in helping our client make the most of their data, time, and resources.

Julie found a system she could customize to meet every need for managing our clients. Yes, I mean everything! A prospect can start in the system, then move to a client, and a project folder can be created from a template. Then a project plan template can be applied with due dates and the person assigned to the task. If a due date moves on the project plan, it adjusts the due dates on future tasks. Julie also created an Agile Board broken up in 3-week Sprints that allows us to directly apply our priority project tasks to a Sprint. Also, we now have a form for our clients can fill out to request assistance that will automatically create a task and assign it to the appropriate support team member. The system allows us to email directly to the client and all the communication whether internal or external stays inside the task. We can attach a document, add a link, or create checklist within a task. This system also prioritizes our work for us. It tells us what is due today, tomorrow and in the future. The best part is our time is recorded in each task as we are working. I told you I meant everything!

The new all in one system Julie created for our team made a huge impact. We were able to clear our backlog of tasks and are now ahead of schedule on some projects. We all know what our teammates are working on and the status of all our project.

On behalf of the TriYoung Team, I would like to thank our President, Julie Young, for all her hard work creating this new system for us. It made a big difference!    
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