At TriYoung, we recently created new RWISE marketing material. To accomplish this, we created a workgroup for creating marketing materials that brings brand awareness, customer education and engagement. We found having team members from our Support, Marketing and Management teams working together allowed for more diversity in the availability of opinions. It also promotes greater interest and participation from the rest of the team.

We wanted representation from the Support team because they interact with our clients on a daily basis. They were pivotal in helping us understand what we need from the marketing material such as identifying our customer base, what questions they need answered and our unique selling points.

The Marketing Workgroup was also able to provide feedback on current problems that our client base is experiencing and how RWISE provides a solution. This also allowed for us to work together as a team to identify features and benefits of RWISE that we wanted to highlight in the marketing material.

Not only did we feel the content to highlight in the RWISE Marketing Material was important to discuss but we also wanted the groups feedback on graphics and pictures to include in the material. Our team wanted to make sure that the images in the material reflected the diversity of our team which was excellent feedback.

We were very happy with the end result and have decided to continue this process when creating Marketing Materials for our other products.

Please see the link below to our new RWISE Brochure:  
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