The best time to think of data output needs is when implementing a new software system. It is important to think about what data you want out of your system first. We should ask ourselves questions about the data reporting we need. Trying to backfill data can be a nightmare. Not collecting information that is important to your business can result in loss of revenue. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the luxury of building a new system from the ground up. Instead, we inherit in-place systems that may not meet all our data needs.

If you have a current system in place that does not capture the data you need, and you can’t start completely over—TriYoung can assist. Our experienced team has extensive experience in workflow management and ensuring your system collects all the data needed. We can add data validation to ensure a data collection point is never missed. If the field is not there, we can add one. We can even build an interface that collects the data to better fit your workflow.

If the data you need is in multiple databases—TriYoung can assist with that too. We’ve helped clients get multiple databases in their jurisdiction to be one database. If the databases cannot be one, our data integration specialist can assist in creating import tools to prevent duplicate data entry. We can even create a way to enter all the information in one place and have it populated into multiple system. At TriYoung, we like to say that the possibilities are endless and that the right way to do things depends on your unique needs and situation.

In your business, your primary focus should be on your customers and not worrying about data. But not worrying about data can also mean data elements get missed. TriYoung can help build systems to take care of your data so you can keep the focus on your customers.

If you are curious how we can help you with your data needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to Lisa Fuentes at 602-802-8248 to schedule a free consultation.
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