The Case Management Acuity Scale is an evidence-based tool that helps case management teams determine the level of care, monitoring, and management that the client is likely to need at that point in their care. This tool will help identify clients who experience extreme difficulty with staying in care.

The Acuity Scale was developed to respond to the evolving needs of clients living with HIV/AIDS, but it can be used to manage any chronic illness. With the acuity score the medical case manager can then place the client within an acuity level/management level, i.e., intensive, moderate, basic, and self-management. The Acuity Scale then determines the intensity of Medical Case Management services that the client receives.

The Acuity Scale is based on the client’s current clinically relevant risk factors and includes factors that are known to be associated with poor outcomes, such as Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Housing, Transportation, etc. The Acuity Scale reflect the client’s needs and help the Medical Case Manager develop a Care Plan.

These levels are clearly linked, through quality indicators, with the resources required for case management services. In this way Case Management Acuity Scale is designed to promote a consistent level of service for all clients.

The TriYoung Acuity Scale is a web-based tool. With easy access, it can be completed real-time with immediate results. The Acuity Scale is customizable to meet your individual programmatic needs, questions, and scoring.

For the vulnerable clients who are experiencing extreme difficulty with staying in care, intensive Medical Case Management as captured with the use of the Acuity scale may be the final safety net to ensure that clients are not completely lost to follow up while these difficulties are overcome. Determining the type of care needed and what level of response is necessary is key to keeping patients in care and adherent to their medications.

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