At TriYoung, Inc., we strive to efficiently deliver effective services to our clients. As a team, we regularly discuss ways to improve the services we provide to our clients. Our goal is for our clients to feel they have a partner who is here to help them. We never want our clients to feel like they are a ticket in a queue. We appreciate our clients and the valuable work they do.

When our clients need assistance from our team, they send a help email. We noticed that we often need to email the client back with clarification questions so we can better understand the issue to provide the best solution. The back-and-forth communication can often delay a solution. We understand time is valuable and we wanted to be more efficient for our clients.

Our President, Julie Young, and Support Systems Analyst, Daniel Calas, worked together on a project to develop a customized “Help Request” online form. The online form allows our clients to provide valuable information to our support team that in turn helps our support team better serve our clients. The Help Request form not only collects the clients' preferred contact information, but also collects details that provide additional information to successfully resolve the request. The online form has a description area where clients are encouraged to add as much information as they can…the more the better. The online form has a dropdown so the clients can now select the “Request Type”, i.e., Add or Remove User, Imports, Training, etc. In addition, clients can simply to drag and drop any relevant images or files to the online form. They can also select a preferred due date from the calendar on the form.

We are grateful for Julie and Daniel who championed this project, building this form with heart and creativity. The new “Help Request” form will help us fulfill our commitment to our client and deliver on our promises.
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