TriYoung, Inc. supports CAREWare for several county and state government grant offices. CAREWare is a free, electronic health and social support services information system for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grant recipients and their providers. TriYoung has supported CAREWare since 2001 and has an established working relationship with jProg, the CAREWare developer.

When you hire TriYoung as a CAREWare Consultant, you do not get an individual, you get an experienced team on your side. The TriYoung team has extensive experience supporting CAREWare and fulfilling Ryan White Programmatic requirements. We have a former ADAP Manager, a former Ryan White Part B Program Manager, a former Part A Data Analyst, a former CAREWare Data Manager, a Programmer working in CAREWare since 2005 and over 30 years of IT experience on the TriYoung team. This knowledge allows our team to work well with recipients and sub-recipients.

Our CAREWare Consulting services include Technical Support, CAREWare Maintenance, Reporting Assistance, Management of CAREWare User Accounts, Training (Individual and Group), Documentation and CAREWare Customization. Our team will ensure CAREWare is set-up to meet your programmatic needs. We thoroughly train users on CAREWare and provide them with training documentation. We do quality assurance testing on CAREWare Ryan White Service Report data. We create custom reports to meet programmatic federal and state reporting requirement.

At TriYoung, we have passion for the work we do. Our goal is to manage data and CAREWare so that Ryan White Programs can focus on the clients they serve and ending the epidemic.

If you would like more information on our CAREWare Consulting Services, please contact Lisa Fuentes at
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