CAREWare Quick Tip: Exporting Custom Reports to Excel in CAREWare

Have you ever looked at a custom report in CAREWare and wished you could do something with it live, like sorting by name or date? Exporting to Excel is a great solution since CAREWare makes exporting a report easy.

After you run a report in CAREWare, it opens the RW CAREWare Report Viewer page pictured below.

From the RW CAREWare Report Viewer Screen, select the symbol that looks like an “H”, indicated by the red arrow below. Once selected, it will bring you to a list of the export types. Please reference the image below.

For this example, we will select the file type, Excel 2003 Format (XLS). Once this file type in selected, the options in the last image on this page will appear. The export dialogue box gives you options to automatically adjust the row height, use cell merging, display grid lines, generate multiple sheets and remove vertical space by selecting the check boxes. Once you are ready to save the document, simply select the ellipsis, indicated with the purple arrow, which will bring up the files on your desktop where you can save it.

Now that you have your report in an Excel file, you can sort, merge and do other operations on the data you need. Good Luck!

One caveat—by default, as of build 960, CAREWare exports all fields as TEXT fields when exporting as Excel. This means that mathematical or date operations will not work as is. To work around this, in Excel, convert the columns to the appropriate data type (number, date, for example,) or export the data as CSV from CAREWare first, then open the CSV file in Excel. You can then save the file as XLSX or XLS from Excel when you’re done.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a member of the TriYoung team. We are happy to help.  
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