CAREWare Quick Tip: Performance Measures 101

CAREWare has several built-in ways to report and do business tasks with data. One of the most powerful, yet misunderstood, is the Performance Measures module.

Performance Measures, also sometimes referred to as health outcomes, live in Administrative Options as of build 960 in CAREWare. Performance Measures are, basically, two demographic type reports that are divided to produce a percentage. The most common performance measures used by Ryan White Grant Recipients and subrecipients are the Core 4 measures and PCP Prophylaxis. These are available for download free from

and are described at

Once you click into the performance measurement module, you are presented with all the Performance Measurements (PMs) loaded for you in CAREWare. You can, with appropriate permissions, modify PMs, exchange PMs with other CAREWare users, or create your own, even.

The most common task with PMs is to run them. First select the As Of Date (highlighted.) The As Of Date is the last day you’re looking at to measure the performance. Usually, PMs are written to look back 1-2 years from this date. You then select a PM and click “Refresh Single Performance Measure.” CAREWare begins crunching the numbers for you and presents you with a numerator, denominator, and Percent. If you want to run all the performance measurements listed, click Refresh Counts. This may take some time, and CAREWare may appear to be unresponsive while the counts are refreshing. Once all the PMs have calculated, you can select Print Performance Measure Worksheet to get a copy of the results out of CAREWare. These results can be exported using the method described in our other blog post, Exporting Custom Reports to Excel in CAREWare.

  For help with more advanced tasks such as modifying Performance Measurements or creating your own awesome ways to assess programs and service delivery, contact your friendly TriYoung team. We’re here to help.
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