At TriYoung, Inc. we provide a wide range of database support services including business workflow analysis, streamline business processes, standardize reporting, data mining and system integration.

Business workflow analysis refers to the process in which we evaluate current processes to determine areas of strength as well as areas that can be streamlined. Our goal is to help businesses achieve the highest level of efficiency so the least amount of time and fewest resources are used to accomplish the tasks.

We help streamline business processes by utilizing the business workflow analysis in comparison to the business goals. We use the analysis results to eliminate any processes that are obsolete and determine best practices. We then use technology to automate processes to save time, money, resources and enhance productivity.

We also help businesses standardize reporting. We can import data from multiple sources, in multiple formats and standardize them to meet the needs of your business. Improving the quality of your reporting provides a clearer picture of your business. Standardizing reports provides consistency in the data.

Some reports may require Data mining. This is where we analyze, and extract data sets to turn it into useful information. Data mining can help businesses learn more about their customers. We can extract data and present it in an easy to share format. This data can be used to support decision-making processes.

Another service we offer is system integration. This is the process in which we integrate different systems. This may include designing or building a customized application to meet key business goals. System integration can also help reduce duplicate data entry into multiple systems.

At TriYoung, we help manage your data and provide the resources for businesses to implement data driven solutions that are secure, scalable, reliable, efficient and cost effective.

If you would like more information on our Database Support Services, please contact a member of the TriYoung team.
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