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Duplicating Custom Reports

Data entry fields in CAREWare can be used to create customized reports. This is accomplished by using the Ryan White CAREWare custom report builder. CAREWare users with the proper reporting permissions can design, modify, save and run reports based on their needs. Custom reports allow the user to sort client data by totals, field selections and criteria. For users who are new to building custom reports, we recommend starting at the jProg website, Guide #7 Creating Basic Custom Reports. For users who are familiar with custom reports, we have a couple tips on how to duplicate reports to save time, energy and effort.

  Users with access to the central domain in CAREWare can make a copy of a custom report from the Central domain to provider domains and vice versa. This allows the user to keep an original copy of the report in Central and let users in the provider domains have editable copies of the reports. Also, it can allow users to have different variations on reports. For example, if you need to report the same information to different funding sources, you can copy the report and change the funding source criterion: Client Services Part A, Client Services Part B, etc.

  Here’s the process to copy a custom report from the Central domain to a provider domain. The user must have access and log into the Central Admin domain in CAREWare then follow the following steps:
  1. Select “Reports”
  2. Select Custom Reports.
  3. Select “Copy Report”
  4. Select each individual report to be copied. Multiple selections can be made by holding down the Control key on the keyboard before left clicking the report.
  5. Select the destination provider domain from the drop-down list.
  6. Select Next.
  7. The selected custom reports are copied.
  8. Select close.

Note: If you want to make variations of a report, do the above process, but after the last step, login to the provider domain’s custom report, rename the report you copied, and then log back into the Central domain and restart the process.
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