TriYoung Inc.’s Grants Management System (GMS) is a web-based interface that allows for grant set-up, allocations/reallocations, provider budgets, fiscal reports, eligibility analysis review of services billed, task orders and contract management. Our interface can be used to monitor any grant and multiple grants at a time. GMS is commonly used to monitor Ryan White grants.

Grantees are provided with a simple and user-friendly interface to set-up contracts, budgets, and review billing. Grantees can enter budgets at the subservice or service category level. GMS has the ability to turn on granular budgeting at the subservice level if needed. From GMS, Grantees can manage invoices, supporting documents, view bill statuses and enter notes. Grantees can print Task Orders/Contracts for signature, too. GMS also has emailing capabilities for the provider/users in the system.

When Subrecipients to the Grantee login to GMS, they will be presented with current contracts, budgets, and billing. GMS contains a table which shows monthly line items, utilization and remaining budget set by the Grantee. New billing entries are entered directly in GMS and can be accessed by the Grantee.  The supporting documentation is uploaded and attached to the billing entry for easy access.

GMS has fiscal reporting capabilities. For Grantees, this includes summary snapshots of all funding allocations/expenditures and a projection of final expenditures. At a provider level, reports include monthly billing entries and report a variance of YTD budget to determine the projection of final expenditures.

For Ryan White Grantees, GMS also manages allocations and reallocations for Planning Council. The system tracks HRSA funding allocated to a Service Category and possible special earmarks of funds. The system will track Core vs. Support Services, the 75% Medical Core requirement and the typical 10% Admin Costs. In addition, GMS does a CE Analysis Review of Services being billed for eligibility, proper Medical Case Management agency, etc. GMS ties the data entered from CAREWare with Finance Systems for balancing and provides real data on bills payments.

If you would like more information on how GMS can help manage your grants, please contact Lisa Fuentes at 602-802-8248.
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