Happy 20 Year Anniversary TriYoung!

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of TriYoung. We are very proud of the journey that brought us to this milestone. TriYoung was started in 1998 by our President, Julie Young.

Julie began her professional journey at a credit union help desk. She became interested in an opening in IT so she wrote letter to Vice President. This was her first taste of IT and she loved it!

Although Julie liked IT, she really loved the database aspects of IT and integration of systems. Her first integration project was building a tool with Lotus 1-2-3 using macros to create and post daily journal entries to the finance system. Her father thought accounting was the type of job that would have longevity, so she began college courses focused on an accounting degree.

Her professional journey led her to a media company where she performed accounting duties, but really assisted with database management. The media company hired an IT subcontractor who Julie worked closely with. After 8 years with the media company, Julie joined the IT company.

Julie knew that most small businesses do not have resources for IT support. So, she decided to join the Chamber of Commerce to network with other small businesses. She was able to build a list of small business contracts. The IT company then downsized and allowed Julie to keep her list.

In August 1998, Julie started her own company. She began with network support for CPA firms, medical offices, attorneys, non-profits, service industries and other industries.

In 1999, Julie was hired by a community-based organization, Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS to provide IT services. This was her first experience with the Ryan White Grant that serves the HIV Community. In 2000, Julie implemented CAREWare for the first time. Now TriYoung, Inc provides CAREWare support and extensions for grantees, community-based organizations and healthcare clinics around the country.

In 2011, Julie hired an IT team which included, Robert Crawford. In November 2012, Julie decided to sell the IT side of the business and focus on database support. She approached Robert with an offer to purchase the IT side of the business and he agreed. In January 2013, Robert purchased TriYoung Business Solutions and Julie began her focus on the database support with TriYoung, Inc.

After the business was split, everything was status quo for 5 years then the businesses grew into what we now know as TriYoung, Inc. and TriYoung Business Solutions.

We are very grateful to all our clients who have entrusted their businesses IT and database needs to TriYoung, Inc. and TriYoung Business Solutions. We look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come.
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