How to Customize CAREWare to Fit Your Other Data Needs

CAREWare is built to collect all the data requirements for the RSR and ADR. However, it also has the functionality to add your own customizations. Utilizing this functionality is a great way to capture data that is unique to an individual Ryan White provider.

CAREWare has three ways you can add customizations; 1) custom tabs, 2) subform, and 3) custom fields. Not only do customizations allow the provider to capture their unique data, it can increase productivity. Custom Tab 1) 3 build-in tabs available 2) Tabs can be renamed to fit your needs 3) No historical data can be viewed 4) Only 1 value can populate each field at any time

Subform 1) unlimited number of sub-tabs can be added 2) Sub-tabs only can be named to fit your needs 3) Historical data can be viewed

Custom Fields 1) Unlimited number can be added 2) Named to fit your needs 3) Types of fields you can add are; dropdowns, dates, text, number, check box, Yes/No, attachments (to store documents), or hyperlinks 4) Can be located on most tabs

Here are some examples of how to utilize customizations: 1) Additional client demographic data (email, alternative contact, permission to mail or email etc.) 2) Upload eligibility documents received (income, residency, insurance) 3) Provider specific activities 4) Additional comments 5) Enrollment Status in another program

Customizations can also be used to record answers to questions the HIV provider’s office may collect, i.e. “How did client hear about this program?” You can use the customizations to collect information beyond the fields in standard CAREWare such as additional insurance information like coverage type, policy number, and effective date. The data collected in a custom field can easily be extracted into a custom report via the custom reports module in CAREWare.

TriYoung can help setup CAREWare with customizations as well as without. We can also assist doing tasks that CAREWare does not have built in by using the backend database through automated processes such as: updating fields using business logic, calculating fields, and many other ways. For example, if a client is over 400% of FPL, a custom field for “Eligible for Ryan White Part A” could be flipped by our automation to “No.” Another example would be a business logic rule that calculates six months out from the last viral load draw date for a custom field called “Next Viral Load Due Date.” TriYoung takes the established framework of CAREWare and builds on that to help you better meet your programmatic and business needs, reducing manual data entry, and making things work the ways you need.
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