TriYoung recently developed a data entry and reporting system for the RAPID Start Program. The overall goal of the RAPID Start (Rapid Antiretroviral Therapy Start) program is to have locations where persons newly diagnosed with HIV (or out of care) can rapidly access antiretroviral therapy (ART) and have a smooth transition to their medical home. But not all locations are Ryan White (RW) funded and traditionally do not connect to the CAREWare system that the RW funded clinics use. This system allows for all clinics, RW and private, the ability to report into one system for streamlined reporting for the City, County and/or State in the efforts of "Getting to Zero".

The Rapid Start system is delivered through a centralized model using CAREWare data management system. CAREWare is a system funded through HRSA for data collection on Ryan White funded activities for PLWH. The extension of the system for Rapid Start allows current providers using CAREWare to have no change in data collection requirements.

The Rapid Start system is secured using a secure website with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Two-Factor Authentication (Using the Google Authenticator algorithm) when accessing the system. Each user completes a user agreement which goes through approval and processing. Once Approved the user is sent an email on how to initiate the account and login.

For privacy purposes, the client name information is obscured within the standard database and made available only for use by the provider reporting data on the client. This also means that within the CAREWare system the client Unique Record Number (URN) is also obscured and unsearchable within the database. For example, Joe Client may appear as Xbomsxod Xopweosle. The first and last name are a random generated name that is unrelated to any other element of the client’s profile. The name fields are stored in custom fields available to the provider only. No street address or contact information is collected or required for purposes of Rapid Start.

TriYoung’s goal was to create a system to collect the data to supports those working to identify HIV-positive individuals as soon as possible after testing positive and offering them antiretroviral treatment. We hope this system can be used to help achieve the “Getting to Zero” initiative.

If you would like more information on our new Rapid Start System, please contact Lisa Fuentes at
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