Our New Rapid Start Brochure

We have a new Rapid Start brochure thanks to the hard work of our Marketing Work Group. Our Marketing Work Group includes our President, Business Development, and our Support Team. Here at TriYoung, we believe having input from our Support Team members who work directly with our clients is vital. We want our Marketing Materials to include solutions to their everyday challenges.

Our first step was to identify our customer base and what they would want answered. The Support Team provided feedback on current problems that our client base is experiencing and how Rapid Start provides a solution to those problems. We created a list of problems and solutions to use in the brochure.

We researched similar companies and determined we did not have competitors for the Rapid Start System. We then brainstormed our unique selling point to highlight in the brochure. Our President provided historic knowledge, vision of future features and needs.  Together as a team, we identified features and benefits of Rapid Start to highlight in the brochure and created a list.

We then brainstormed Rapid Start logo ideas. We determined we wanted the logo to play off the word “Rapid” which is another word for fast. We agreed that an abstract person/object running would demonstrate speed. We also wanted to use the red awareness ribbon which is used as a symbol or the solidarity of people living with HIV/AIDS. We took our ideas to our graphic designer and she created a logo of a running red ribbon wearing tennis shoes. We loved it.

The Marketing Work Group also provided feedback on the type of graphics and pictures to include in the brochure. We then sent the graphic ideas and lists to our Graphic Designer. She worked her magic and created our Rapid Start brochure. We are very excited to share our new Rapid Start brochure with you.

Please select the link below: https://simplebooklet.com/triyoungrapidstartbrochure
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