Our journey in discovering how our core convictions relate to the Agile methodology continues. We evaluated our core conviction “Passion: Commitment to our clients” to determine if it aligned with Agile.

Our first step is understanding the true definition of “Passion”. According to dictionary.com, passion is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. We researched the origin of the word (https://www.etymonline.com/word/passion) and found the following from Late Latin passionem (nominative passio) "suffering, enduring," from past-participle stem of Latin pati “to endure, undergo, experience," a word of uncertain origin. The notion is "that which must be endured.” We realized “Passion” is such a multifaceted word.

Once we had the word “Passion defined. We identified the following concepts in “Passion-Commitment to our clients”: love, suffering, getting through something, anger, obsession and even an outburst.

Our team then discussed the concepts of Agile Project Management. We identified the following: adaptability, not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, refining, frequent check-ins and communication, get the users “in” and doing “stuff” and continual drive toward higher quality product.

Each member of the TriYoung team is here because of their passion for delivering excellent service and a high-quality product to the clients we serve. This includes checking in with our clients frequently, so they stay apprised of our progress. The frequent check-ins allow clients to provide feedback. Our team has learned to adapt to the possibility of a potential changes after speaking with a client. Changes can be now easily accommodated with Agile because work is now done in two-week sprints.

We determined the tie between Agile and “Passion: Commitment to our clients” is “getting through something” as an Agile team. We work with together with our clients to develop and deliver a high-quality product. We are not arriving there on the first day…it is a journey.
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