As we reflect on the previous month, I feel nothing but pride to work with such an amazing team. Each member of our team is so passionate and committed to our clients. They ensured all our clients left our CAREWare 6 – Power of the Past Force of the Future training with good information that is useful and can be applied in their jurisdictions.

Our Data Integration and Training Specialist, Jill Weber, designed the training from a programmatic viewpoint on common daily tasks performed. Jill provided a comparison of how tasks are performed in CAREWare 5 then showed how they are now done in CAREWare 6. Jill also created training documentation, recordings of each training sections, include sample quiz questions and created interactive training games. Jill ensured that every type of learning style was covered in her training.

Steve Overman, Our Data Integration and Quality Coordinator, co-hosted the training with Jill. His background as a teacher shined through as he captured the attention of the room with his humor and funny videos. He was able to provide realistic examples of data entry scenarios that occurred in his previous role as a Ryan White Part A Data Manager.

Our Systems Analyst and Web Application Specialist and newest TriYoung team member, Natalia Trodahl (pictured above), gave our guests a daily jump start. This was a session to get everyone in positive mindset to learn each day. Natalia is a firm believer in self-care and the positive impact of movement. Natalia also planned a cool intro and exit for our training.

Our President, Julie Young, who came up with the idea of having this event was there to provide her expert input. Julie has worked with CAREWare since the year 2000 so has a lot of historical knowledge. She was able to provide background information and answer client questions.

Lynelle Brooks-Dorsey, our CAREWare Help Desk and Support Specialist for Arizona, attended the training to offer support and assist our clients as needed.

I, Lisa Fuentes, our Business Development and Data Analyst Specialist, oversaw the planning and coordinating of the event. I made sure everything went as planned and we remained on schedule.

We could not have pulled off this event successfully if it was not for our Development Team, Dani Behnke and Mitch Dunn, holding down the fort and tending to our clients needs while we conducted the training.

In celebration of the TriYoung team coming together to make this training a success, Julie treated us to a Terminator Escape Room at Westgate! We may not have escaped the room but that is no reflection on our great team. We work together to meet our clients needs.

I feel blessed to be part of such a great team! #GoTeamTriYoung
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