Have you placed your project on the back burner because you are working from home? There is no reason to wait until everyone is back in the office, at TriYoung, we provide remote project management. Our team uses communication tools to join our clients via video chat to attend meetings, share monitors and/or work on documentation together. Our web applications or consultation services can easily be implemented despite your location and without the need to meet in person.

Some people may have hesitations to remote project management because they are used to a person onsite. Although in-person onsite visits are valuable, especially for Discovery and Go-Live, it is not vital to the success of a project. We were able to successfully implement our web interfaces for several clients despite the stay-at-home orders last year.

We use the Agile Methodology for project management. This works well with remote program management because we are able to quickly adapt, refine, have frequent check-ins/communication, get the users “in” and doing “stuff” and continual drive toward higher quality product with minimal interruptions to the client.

We have a team approach to projects. Our team is committed to delivering excellent service and a high-quality product to the clients we serve despite the miles between us. This includes frequent video check-ins with the client, so they stay apprised of our progress and provide feedback. Our team holds internal daily stand-ups to discuss project progress or potential roadblocks. We ensure everyone clearly understands the team’s goals and knows their role in the project. Our team has also learned to adapt to the possibility of a potential changes after speaking with a client or meeting internally. Changes can be easily accommodated and implemented remotely.

There is no longer a need to put your project on hold because everyone is working from home. TriYoung can assist with a successful project implementation remotely. For more information, please contact Lisa Fuentes at 602-802-8248.  
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