When I hired Robert in February of 2011 I had no idea that he would be such a vital person in my life.

In 2010 I had an elective surgery that followed with 6 weeks of hospitalization and two additional surgeries along with the permanent damage to my physical body due to the trauma of being starved and dehydrated nearly to death. When I returned to the office, my team of engineers handed me notices that they had found other employment. They thought I was never going to get out of the hospital and started to move on with their lives. I placed an ad to hire and interviewed Robert Crawford for one of the positions. He was very talented and showed extreme passion for IT describing that when he was given his first computer at the age of 13 he knew the world would forever be changed. I hired him and gave him the information on all our clients to get going. I entrusted him with the keys to the networks we supported without question, putting the business for the first time in God’s hands. In November 2012, I presented to Robert the opportunity to purchase the network engineering side of the business. Robert explained that he was going to ask me if he could buy the business, our revelations to sell/buy occurred at the exact same time. Robert became the owner of TriYoung Business Solutions in 2013 and five years later has continued to serve our customers that Julie served over the years along with building the company to where it is today. I want to thank Robert for his passionate service he has done for TriYoung, our clients and me personally as a good friend and colleague. I am forever grateful that our lives intersected and the work that you continue to provide under the same customer oriented service I started when I opened TriYoung in 1998. Happy 20th Anniversary to TriYoung Business Solutions and Robert Crawford for their impeccable service to the business community.
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