TriYoung, Inc. has guided many clients through the submission of the annual Ryan White Services Report (RSR) over the years.  We recently asked ourselves, “What is the most common problem we see with RSR?”  Here it is:  Not setting clients as eligible in CAREWare. 

The typical scenario is this:  it’s January or February and we get a contact from a Ryan White Grant Recipient saying that their RSR reports that there were no (or many fewer than expected) clients served in the year!  We even once had someone concerned that someone had “deleted the database!”  Luckily though, the answer is much easier to explain.  We point the client to the top right of the demographics screen for a sample of clients and it invariably says, “Not Eligible for Ryan White.”  If the Eligibility Status displays “Ryan White Eligible,” this client will report until his eligibility is “turned off.” 


If you click on Eligibility History, you will see records of when the client was set as being eligible or not eligible in CAREWare. 


For RSR purposes in CAREWare and to be compliant with eligible scope reporting, clients’ services report from the beginning date of eligibility to the end of an eligibility period.  So, a client could have lapses in both eligibility and reporting.  Remember:  the RSR only picks up clients and services to report while they are in a period of eligibility.  If you aren’t seeing the number of clients you’d expect, check eligibility first. 

TriYoung has products such as RWISE that more comprehensively manage eligibility than CAREWare does by itself.  We also offer consulting and technical assistance services to help if you need them, for example, in the case of the “no one set eligibility for the entire year for any client” scenario.  We also have strategies for quality assurance so that when the RSR submission deadline looms, you are ready to go with as few corrections as possible rather than days or weeks of taking employees away for massive “data cleanup day” initiatives. 

Contact us and let us know how we can help. 
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