A unique year called for a unique 2020 Christmas Party for the TriYoung Team. Due to COVID-19 social distancing and travel restrictions, we unfortunately could not meet in person. We wanted a Christmas celebration together, but the hard part was figuring out how to pull it off. A couple team members met and brainstormed to plan a virtual Christmas Party that was super fun. It included gifts, food, and games!

Our Christmas Party took place last Friday on Microsoft Teams. We shared our cameras and even used “together” mode to emulate the feeling like we were in the same room.

For the gift exchange, we all signed up on DrawNames.com. This site allowed us to anonymously draw a name for a gift exchange. The site also allowed us to choose gifts to give our secret Santa an idea of what we like. We all choose a secret Santa gift and had them delivered to our home offices. We were all instructed to not open our gift boxes until the day of our Christmas party.

Our President, Julie Young, told us to use our company card to order any dinner we would like for ourselves and our families. It was so awesome to be able to include our families in our celebration and enjoy dinner together. Our team actually enjoyed talking about what everyone else decided to order.  We all planned for our food to be delivered shortly after our virtual Christmas Party began so we could eat together.

We played games using jackbox.tv and it was a blast. The main screen for the game was shared on Teams and our individual phones were our controllers. One of my favorite games was drawing characters on our phones to battle a character our teammate drew and having the other coworkers vote on the winner. The drawing of the character as well as coming up with a name was timed which made it even more fun. We had some much-needed laughs.

Our itinerary consisted of first playing a jackbox.tv game, then taking turns opening our secret Santa gifts while the team tried to guess who the secret Santa was. We also opened a special personalized gift from our President. We then played another game followed by dinner together on camera with our families.

This may not have been a typical Christmas party, but the TriYoung team made the best of it and it actually turned out to be extremely fun!

From the TriYoung family to yours, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
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