The worst feeling in the world is running a report and finding data gaps. Sometimes it is not until you run the report that you realize the data element had never been collected. It could be that those entering data did not realize the missing data element was required for reporting. Sometimes the data you need is in a note, making it hard to pull for a report. Data extraction from multiple systems can lead to gaps. These are things that our customers do not have to worry about because we create solutions to ensure the data is collected and complete.

During the discovery phase with our clients, we review their internal process from start to finish. The review includes learning the use of each data collection systems and the data elements collected in each system. We also learn the responsibilities of each role that completes the data entry. Our goal is to understand the business and reporting needs.

We evaluate our client’s data collection needs for reporting. We review data elements collected in their system to ensure they are capturing the correct report data. We add necessary fields so they can begin collecting the data. If a field already exists, we can add validation to ensure the person entering data cannot proceed until that data is entered in that field.

The above information helps us determine the best way to assist our client. Often the solution is to integrate systems because data entry of similar information into multiple systems causes data discrepancies and wastes valuable time. We can integrate systems so data can be entered in one place and automatically feed into the other systems.

Another way we help our clients is by building a custom database that feeds data into their existing databases but matches their workflow to ensures all their data collection needs are met. A customized database prevents duplicate data entry which improves efficiency and saves time. Our system solutions help our clients work smarter so they can spend more time serving their customers.

Please do not wait until it is time to report data to find the data gaps. You do not need that unnecessary stress. The TriYoung team can assist you in ensuring there are no data gaps now. For more information, please contact our Business Development and Data Analyst Specialist, Lisa Fuentes at
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