Have you ever thought about the benefits of having One CAREWare system in your region? Imagine how much easier it would be to assist clients with a full picture of their care and services. TriYoung has worked with Ryan White grant recipients on establishing One CAREWare systems in their states. We can tell you firsthand that it improves eligibility review for clients, allows centralized reporting of real time data and simplifies the management of the system.

Improving the eligibility review for clients is a huge benefit of One CAREWare. One source of data ensures those providing care and services to a client will see any pertinent information. The provider will be able to view the client’s eligibility status in real-time to determine whether they can provide services. They will be able to see services the client received at other providers and send referrals between agencies statewide for coordination of care.

Another benefit of One CAREWare is Centralized Reporting against real-time data. The data entry for all funding sources are centralized in One CAREWare therefore data duplication is no longer required. There is no longer delays of system updates. Users will have real-time access within CAREWare Proper or our web applications. The client’s Unique Record Number (URN) will update real-time for all providers/domains. In addition, the user messaging within CAREWare is unified for all providers/domains.

The last benefit I would like to touch on is the simplified management of the One CAREWare system. With this system, there is a centralized outsourced custody of data for all parties. At TriYoung, we recommend hosting with jProg, the developers of CAREWare. This is accomplished through Amazon Web Services and uses one set of servers. With the joint resources supporting the hosted system, there is a reduction in maintenance cost and one centralized helpdesk.

One CAREWare System has many benefits that can improve the coordination of care for your Ryan White clients. If you are interested in more information on One CAREWare, please contact Lisa Fuentes at lisa@triyoung.com or 602-802-8248.
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