There are many different types of self-care. Some examples of self-care include physical, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, and even work-related. Self-care can include putting yourself first, asking for the things you need, setting boundaries, exercising, staying home, saying “no”, forgiving yourself, therapy, meditation, taking a step back, asking for help, etc.  I want to highlight the importance of self-care at work. Self-care at work can include time management, boundaries, positivity, learning, taking a break, etc.

Time Management at work is huge when it comes to self-care. Keeping track of your scheduled work or meetings on a calendar will keep you on task and on time. It allows you not only to plan ahead but prioritize your tasks. This will also allow you to look at what is already scheduled before committing to working on something new. It gives you the power to say “no” to a request that you will not have time to complete.

Establishing boundaries in the workplace is healthy and can help prevent burn-out. Only you know your mental, physical, and emotional capacity so you have to communicate your limits. An example of healthy boundaries is not answering emails after 5:00pm. Another small but healthy boundary at work is pausing before responding. Take the time to read messages to make sure you understand them before replying. Some messages may stir up feelings, stop to recognize your emotions and wait to respond until they pass.

Positivity at work is self-care. It helps to first recognize the things that triggers your negativity because avoiding those things will allow you time to mentally prepare beforehand. A negative attitude can create a toxic work environment and spread like wildfire. Having a positive attitude prevents you from being consumed by someone with a negative attitude. One way to stay positive is trying to understand the other person and not take things personally. Positivity is contagious, creates happiness and can make your workplace fun.

Learning in the workplace is a form of self-care. It is important to always invest in yourself if you want to reach your full potential. Identify your weaker skills and brush up on them. Learn from your coworkers who may be more knowledgeable in other areas. Ask for feedback on areas you can improve. Learning something new makes you feel good.

Taking a break is very important in self-care. Only you know when you reached that breaking point where walking away or taking a break is needed. If you hit a wall and cannot figure a problem out, step away, take a walk outside, and give your mind a break. Breaks can help prevent stress, improve your mood, restore your energy, and increase productivity. Take your allotted lunch break and walk away from your workstation.

Self-care is important to have a healthy work life balance. It can help you be more focused and productive. It can also improve the relationship with your coworkers and clients.
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