In our experience, three of the most common warnings we see in RSR season are when clients don’t have entries in the RSR calendar year for Insurance, Poverty Level, or Housing. These data are required for any client who receives an OAHS or case management (medical or non-medical) service during a period of Ryan White eligibility from a provider funded for OAHS or case management.

There are two ways within CAREWare you can make sure this data is recorded for RSR:
1. When a client is certified or recertified, enter the data for Income, Insurance, and Housing into CAREWare. While for RSR, only one entry needs to be made (status as of the end of the year,) this is good practice to ensure the data is entered.
2. If these values haven’t changed from the previous year, and the data isn’t more than a year old, use the Bring Forward button to set the values as of the current year.

TriYoung has additional tools you can use to help ensure you have these valuable data points ready for your RSR. One is a tool that looks for these data that were collected within six months of the previous year. Those data points can then be brought forward, all at once, to a date determined by you. For example, a client who has an insurance assessment done on 12/11/2017 would be “out” for the 2018 RSR. Using our tool, that insurance assessment could be copied and set with a date of 1/1/2018. A user could do this manually in CAREWare, but they would have to do it client-by-client, which is slow and tedious requiring many hours of work with large client populations. Our tool can do this for all clients at once, in minutes. We also have web tools such as RWISE that make it very clear to data entry personnel when things are missing with data validation messages, color changes for fields, and more. TriYoung strives to help you get the best data with the least amount of work that takes users away from client contact and other duties.
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