With COVID-19 quarantine happening, many people will have to start working remotely or from a home office. We thought it would be a great idea to share some tools we use here at TriYoung that help us virtually connect to each other and our clients. Although our corporate office is in Arizona, we serve clients throughout the United States. We also have staff who reside in states outside of Arizona. We have some tools we use that allow us to virtually meet via phone or video and allows us to share our documents or computer screens in real-time.

The tool our internal team uses for communication and meetings is Microsoft Teams. Channels can be added in Microsoft Teams to track projects, activities, save relevant shared documents, post updates or ask questions of your team in real time. We also use channels for human resource policy documents and training documentation. We have a TriYoung Team board where we can post messages for the entire team in real-time. This allows us to communicate anything from saying “good morning” to updating the team on information that may impact them. Microsoft Teams also automatically shows if someone is available, away, busy or even in do not disturb status. The Chat feature allows for one on one conversation with a team member as well. If you prefer a face-to- face meeting, you can turn on the video camera for a live conversation. You can also share your computer screen directly from Microsoft Teams and give the other person keyboard and mouse control if needed. The last feature that is beneficial with Teams is the ability to schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting directly from your Outlook calendar. Microsoft Teams will automatically generate a link to the meeting along with a call-in phone number.

A tool we use with our clients is Go-To-Meeting (GTM). Go-To-Meeting will generate a link and call in phone number which can be added to a meeting invitation or email to client. When you and client open the link, you are in a virtual meeting room. Here you can present, chat, share screens, give keyboard/mouse control and even record the meeting/presentation if needed. GTM allows us to assist our clients in real time as if we were sitting right next to them viewing their computer screen. Some clients prefer face-to-face interactions, which can also be accommodated by simply turning on the video camera. GTM allows for both the video camera and screen sharing at the same time. Our GTM allows up to 26 people to join the call together and if more attendees need to join, GTM offer plans for larger capacity.

For established TriYoung clients we have tools in place to connect to them remotely to ensure their systems are operational. We have the capability to reboot their servers if needed. TriYoung works directly with our clients to develop an integrated plan with the hosting / operations team that provided the infrastructure used to deploy CAREWare and its extended applications developed.

These are just a few of many tools we use to stay connected with our clients and team. There are many other tools out there that may be a better fit for your needs. Stay connected and safe!
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