At TriYoung, we have been supporting CAREWare since the year 2000. CAREWare is a free, electronic health and social support services information system for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grant recipients and their providers. We have an established working relationship with jProg, the CAREWare developer. When you hire TriYoung as a CAREWare Consultant, you do not get an individual, you get an experienced team on your side. The TriYoung team has experience supporting CAREWare and fulfilling Ryan White Programmatic requirements. This knowledge allows our team to work well with recipients and sub-recipients.

We offer a wide range of CAREWare Support services from the basic user management to advanced reporting and customizations. We provide a remote CAREWare Helpdesk for program staff and subrecipients. Our user management maintenance includes user group creation and clean up. We collaborate with our clients to create a CAREWare user form to ensure they maintain HIPAA compliance by keeping track of user accounts and permissions granted.

We also help facilitate initial CAREWare setup (Onboarding) of new subrecipients. We will coordinate upgrades, maintain, or coordinate maintenance of CAREWare. We will consult with jProg as required. We assist with duplicate clean ups, customization, and any data related issues or functionality of CAREWare.

Our team has advanced CAREWare Reporting skills. We are experts in building CAREWare custom reports as well as annual data reporting. Our services include troubleshooting and data reviews as needed. We will assist you with compiling annual data required for PSRA. We can assist with reporting the financial or demographic compilation of clients served by service category and funding source. The compilation data is used by the grantee to produce the annual reporting presented to planning council and utilized for the annual grant application. We do quality assurance testing on CAREWare Ryan White Service Report data. We create custom reports to meet programmatic federal and state reporting requirement.

We have extensive experience in CAREWare training and documentation. We provided individual and group training. We thoroughly train users on all aspects of CAREWare and provide them with training documentation. We also provide recordings of the training, so they are available for inexperienced staff.

We are experts in CAREWare data imports and data exports. We collaborate with providers on reviewing their data for gaps. We have data importers tools that convert the data from Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other data collection systems to a format that is acceptable by CAREWare. We collaborate with our clients to ensure data is complete, as expected and balances to the monthly billing invoice.

TriYoung has experience with CAREWare Customizations. Our team will ensure CAREWare is set-up to meet your programmatic workflow and needs. We can even build web tools that work directly with CAREWare to meet those needs. Examples include TriYoung’ s Ryan White Integrated Statewide Eligibility (RWISE), Grants Management System (GMS) and Rapid START System, etc.

At TriYoung, we have passion for the work we do. Our goal is to manage data and CAREWare so that Ryan White Programs can focus on the clients they serve, and we see an end to the epidemic.

If you would like more information on our CAREWare Support Services, please contact a Lisa Fuentes at or 602-802-8248.
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