At TriYoung, Inc. the work we do reflects the 5 characteristics of our Core Convictions which are:

Passion, Integrity, Efficiency, Meaningful Work and Fearlessness. Our Core Convictions are very important to our team. We review our Core Convictions at every staff meeting and each employee shares an example of how we have met them. Our focus is on internal and external relationship care in addition to just providing great service.

Passion means commitment to our clients. We are committed to taking the time to listen to our clients’ desires and help them realize their full potential by making the most of their data, time and resources. Our goal is to take care of our client’s data needs, so they can focus on the good work they do.

Integrity means that we deliver on our promise. When we make a commitment to our client we work as a team to make sure our deadlines are met. We are honest and fair. We keep our client informed of our progress to make sure they are aware of any potential delays ahead of time.

Efficiency means great work in a timely fashion. We work with our clients to create detailed project plans with timelines and responsible parties. This allows our internal and external teams to work together in the most efficient order and timeframe.

Meaningful Work means to build with heart and creativity. At TriYoung, we love the work we do and helping our clients with their data needs. We listen to what our clients would like to accomplish and “think outside the box” to help them find a solution.

Fearlessness means perseverance without barriers. We look beyond the limits of software and create alternative data solutions to meet our client’s needs. Whether that is extending the capabilities of their current system or creating one that will do what they need. Our goal is to give clients endless possibilities for integrating software, reporting, data validation, training and workflow by eliminating barriers and promoting creativity.

These five Core Convictions are a true reflection of the TriYoung team and our promise to our clients. We are passionate, efficient and fearless. We are a team with integrity. We are not afraid to “think outside the box”.
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