Dani Behnke is the new Senior Programmer with TriYoung, Inc. Dani has worked as a consultant to TriYoung since 2005 but became a full-time employee in February of this year.

After receiving her education, Dani began her professional journey in Wisconsin working for a large health insurance company for many years. This was her first introduction to insurance eligibility claims and basic insurance administration. Eventually, Dani decided to leave the "frozen tundra", as she refers to it, and moved to the Southwest. A few years after being in Arizona, Dani met our president, Julie Young, and began working with her on developing custom applications for CAREWare.

Dani’s professional passion is constantly learning better ways to code and making the applications we provide easier for our users to navigate. Dani has the ability to create solutions that simplify and solve the work of the clients. We internally refer to it as “Dani Magic”.

Dani feels RWISE (Ryan White Integrated Statewide Eligibility) is her biggest professional accomplishment. It was a huge undertaking and the end result is a product that is not only helping our clients manage Ryan White eligibility but has streamlined the process required for the Ryan White clients to maintain their eligibility. They now have a better understanding of exactly when their renewals will be due and can have the information shared across their mutual providers.

Dani’s personal passion is keeping in good physical shape. She works out daily doing cardio, hiking, biking and yoga. She believes her yoga practice has also helped her professionally by teaching her to slow down, breathe and listen.

We feel blessed to have Dani onboard as a member of the TriYoung team.
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