Franchesca Charles is the new System Analyst for TriYoung, Inc.

Franchesca’ s journey which led her to work with TriYoung began with a background in customer service and case management. She began working in the Human Services field by way of the contact center of Atlanta Housing Authority. She moved on to work as a Housing and Occupancy Specialist and in the Compliance and Inspections department of the Dekalb County Housing Authority. After several years of working with the community, families on the program, and Landlords Franchesca decided to enter the world of Technology and accepted a position working with a property management software company in their Affordable Housing department. When asked about her career, Franchesca said, “I am fortunate to have experienced all that I have in creating a career that I am truly proud of and look forward to bringing skills that I have learned as well as acquiring new skills working with TriYoung, Inc.”

When asked why she chose to work for TriYoung, Inc., Franchesca said, “I chose to work with TriYoung because I felt like the company and culture aligned best with who I am and my career goals. I want to further my career and experience in Information Technology and feel like I am making a difference while doing so. I think the warmth and genuineness I felt from Julie and the team made me feel like this would be the next best step in my career path. “

Professionally, Franchesca is most passionate about her work ethic. She wants to work hard and see the benefits of all that hard work not only through her career but through helping others to help others.

Franchesca is personally passionate about integrity and helping others. When asked about an accomplishment she is proud of, Franchesca said, “My most recent and biggest accomplishment is losing 100+ lbs. and putting my health first so that I may be around longer for my children.” Way to go, Franchesca!

An area Franchesca is complimented on is her ability to resolve time management problems for her clients. She fixes issues that result in time not being utilized well to achieve goals. Her goal is to get to the resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible and get her clients back to maximizing productivity and helping their communities.

Franchesca receives compliments on how thorough and knowledgeable she is. People often say she is approachable and nice. Franchesca said, “I try to live up to these compliments by making sure I am always smiling and bringing a positive attitude to all that I do.”

We feel blessed to have Franchesca join the TriYoung team.
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