Michael Plymire is our new Software Development Support Systems Analyst for TriYoung, Inc. Michael will assist both our support and development teams.

All of Michael’s life, his hobby has been Information Technology (IT). He got his first computer with only MS-DOS when he was 6 years old. He built his first computer for himself when he was 12 years old. In middle school he would stay after school so he could have more time in the computer lab and get to play more with programming the robotic arm.

Michael’s hobby transitioned into a career when he started out as an assistant help desk associate for Wright State University while earning by undergraduate degree. Michael said, “It was great experiencing the students' and faculty's relief when I resolved an IT related issue for them.” Michael was quickly promoted to Senior Help Desk and became very confident in his ability to converse as well as troubleshoot IT issues.

Michael learned that the ability to talk with people was just as or more important than resolving their IT issues. Michael said, “Helping people and seeing them happy makes me happy, IT can be frustrating, and I am more than happy to assist people to help relieve some of that stress. Helping people was already great but helping people for an amazing cause like TriYoung is contributing to is even better!”

Michael’s communications skills became even more invaluable when he became the Project Manager for Design of Information Technology Systems course at Wright State. He was extremely passionate about seeing his students succeed and genuinely cared about their wellbeing. During his time as the project manager, Michael went above and beyond to help the students with IDE and version control issues so that they could properly contribute to the class project.

In his personal life, Michael is passionate about becoming fluent in Romanian (his wife is from Romania), spending time with his family and their dogs. Michael also enjoys Tech projects, such as setting up an automatic daily backup of my wife's hard drive, setting up a personal DHCP and DNS server with raspberry pi, building, benchmarking, and testing computers and hardware. Michael also enjoys cooking. He makes his own bread by hand and does a lot of grilling.

Michael’s biggest accomplishment is being able to contribute to and be a part of his family. His second biggest accomplishment is obtaining his Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Wright State.

Michael has been complimented most on my technical capacity and speaking the client's language. His approach is to not overwhelm them with technical jargon but to approach it from their level. Some people just would like it fixed and others would like to learn how to fix it themselves. Michael is patient and does not mind thoroughly explaining in a way the client can understand. Michael receives positive feedback for being personable with whoever he is helping and always willing to go the extra mile.

Michael’s strengths are Customer Service, IT troubleshooting, version control, java, and SQL.

We feel very blessed to have Michael Plymire on the TriYoung Team.
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