Natalia Trodahl is the new Systems Analyst and Web Application Specialist for TriYoung, Inc.

Natalia’s journey which led her to work with Ryan White Clients, CAREWare and TriYoung began when she was the HOPWA Coordinator representing the city on the Las Vegas TGA Planning Council. Natalia transitioned to the Ryan White Part A Program to fulfill a desire for having a greater impact. During her time with Ryan White Part A Program she discovered the importance of streamlining data burdens on front line staff. Natalia believes through innovative thinking and effective processes, eliminating archaic data collection methods enhances the quality of care provided to clients. This discovery ultimately led her to work for TriYoung, Inc.

Professionally, Natalia is most passionate about developing efficient workflow systems to afford individuals doing direct client service more quality time with their clients. Natalia is most complimented on her ability to streamline processes, collaborate well and explaining complex concepts creatively so that end users of all levels can understand. She works efficiently with clients to alleviate data burdens and training gaps.

Natalia’s personal passion includes saving money and motivating people to make long lasting lifestyle changes to include self-care and self-regulation techniques. Natalia’s biggest personal accomplishments include being the first and only person in her family to go to university, impacting people to invest in their emotional and mental well-being, and becoming debt free.

During Natalia’s free time she enjoys traveling, being outdoors, trying new recipes, and watching movies. In addition, Natalia is a member of Toastmasters International, actively participating in her home club.

We feel blessed to have Natalia join the TriYoung team.
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