Peter Pepper is our new System Analyst on our Support Team. Peter started his career in various customer service and call center roles in Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa. While working on the phones as a debt collector for a mortgage servicer, he noticed the KPIs (key performance indicators) seemed off. After analyzing some call center metrics and recommending improvements to bonuses and awards based on those KPIs, he was promoted to a business analyst role and began using SQL.

From there, he moved on to work for a logistics company formerly called HighJump now Korber, where he developed his SQL and analysis skills. After getting certified in SQL server 2012/14, he went to work for Wells Fargo for several years, where he was promoted to Sr. Systems Analyst in the Wealth Investment Management division. In addition to this career in technology, he has an entrepreneurial spirit and has started multiple companies focused on the entertainment and fashion industry.

He was living in Minneapolis when COVID-19 hit, and the world was rocked with protests in response to police brutality and the death of George Floyd. He felt a burning passion to participate actively. So, Peter founded a pro-bono Revolutionary Sound to provide sound amplification and logistic services for community organizations, marches, rallies, and political events for the next 2 years. 

After taking some time off, he worked as a Technical Team Lead for Wex Health Inc. before finding a new home at TriYoung.

Peter chose TriYoung because he was driven by our President, Julie Young, and the TriYoung team's passion and commitment to helping people through the use and application of data. He said it is rare to find a role that has excellent benefits and is life-affirming, people-focused, and driven by a passion for helping people.

Professionally, Peter is passionate about communication and being a team player. He aspires to be a solutions-focused leader who has mastered the art of planning, communication, and execution. To that end, he is actively working on my project manager certification while keeping up with emerging technologies and trends.

Personally, Peter is a passionate advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and economic, social, racial, and ecological justice. He spends most of his time caring for my plants, his two dogs, his significant other, and himself. He makes sure to carve out essential time for music, dancing, dining, and dates camping under the stars.

Peter says his biggest accomplishment is standing in solidarity with intersectional justice causes culminating in DJing the most expensive dance party in Minnesota history. 

Peter’s passion and ability to articulate issues using active and reflective listening techniques tends to stand out. Most people need someone to listen to and validate their concerns, wants, and needs. Peter applies things he has learned in his professional journey to get to the core of what people require and work with them to cultivate an environment where they can meet their needs.

We feel blessed to have Peter join the TriYoung, Inc. team.
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