William Buchanan is our new System Analyst for TriYoung, Inc. We asked William to share a little about himself. Here is what he had to say…

My name is William Buchanan and a little about myself, l was born and raised in Nashville, TN. I have been in the Information Technology field for nearly 20 years. I have always had a passion for learning, technology, and people.

l consider myself a people person as I am very social about almost everything. I started out just your regular helpdesk working through several positions of modifications, project planning, remote administration, and eventually the role of Systems Analyst here at TriYoung.

What drew me to TriYoung was their commitment to client satisfaction. In each of my previous positions, above all aiming for client satisfaction and retention means to have clarity, integrity, and a purpose to meet that goal. I love to work and thrive in an environment like that.

Speaking of passion, l strive to keep a passion for learning. It is why l pushed myself to study and eventually obtain my bachelor’s and master’s degree as that was a lifelong goal of mine. Even with that, l will never stop learning new skills, new ways of thinking, and procedures to be a better efficient individual.

Speaking of accomplishments, l used to say my degrees were my biggest accomplishments until my son was born this March. I found that although my work has been rewarding but being a parent is just an experience that cannot be compared to as I am enjoying this journey with my newborn son.

One thing about me l hold in high regard is the impact l leave on people. I always believe that l would like to be talked about or recommended in a positive way in rooms, places I have never set foot in, but my reputation does. Its why l believe in great communication in all that l do, you have to be a great listener first, a good speaker second and never in reverse order.

Aside from that, l have a great many hobbies; cars, sports, current events, video games, comics, anime, manga, DIY projects, and mentoring the youth. I try to be active and positive in all that l do, and that is a little about me.

We feel very blessed to have William Buchanan join the TriYoung Team.
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