Ryan White Integrated Statewide Eligibility (RWISE) is a web-based interface developed by TriYoung, Inc. that uses the CAREWare database to provide an interface for eligibility teams to receive, review and process eligibility for the Ryan White Program. The interface is built using the standard program interface available for CAREWare along with direct data access as needed for the custom areas of CAREWare.

RWISE is an extension of CAREWare, therefore the data is stored and reportable within CAREWare. The information that is being set in RWISE is shared across the CAREWare system which includes the creation of those tedious Eligibility records that ensure clients are reported on the RSR. CAREWare can be used to run reports on all RWISE data. RWISE allows for the scanning and uploading of eligibility documents which are directly stored in the referral within CAREWare. Service providers can simply select the link and retrieve supporting documentation for their clients.

RWISE allows for custom workflow management which will support multilocation application entry/collection and centralized eligibility determination processing. It has features that facilitates data entry required for the ADR/RSR reporting. RWISE provides features such as custom data quality validations, custom calculated fields and real-time updates of custom fields. RWISE is customizable to meet each of your unique programmatic needs and requirements. All fields and dropdowns within RWISE can be renamed to match the terminology used within your program. RWISE can be programmed to require mandatory data entry in any requested field to ensure key data elements are collected for reporting.

We understand that each Ryan White Program has their own individual type of applications, and some use several different versions. We created RWISE to track each renewal type. RWISE has a queue which displays renewal applications. In addition to tracking the type of renewal completed, it also calculates the client’s next calendar-based renewal date.

Not only does RWISE helps determine Ryan White eligibility but it helps facilitate AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Enrollment too. Once Ryan White Eligibility is established the system will refer the client for ADAP Enrollment if applicable. ADAP enrollment is processed in RWISE, displayed in CAREWare and can include different enrollment types such as 340b, copay assistance, etc.

After the last day of the month the nightly updater will automatically run the closing process in RWISE and indicate that the client is ineligible to receive further services. This process is run daily to pick up other changes to a client’s eligibility profile as well as the monthly closing process.

There are so many features in RWISE, this blog would go on forever. RWISE simplifies the Ryan White eligibility process for the grantee, subrecipients and clients. Please reach out to Lisa Fuentes, our Business Development and Data Analyst Specialist, at lisa@triyoung.com to learn more or schedule a demo.

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