Systems Simplified.
Mission Magnified.

We streamline technology so nonprofits can focus on transformative, life-changing work

The Challenges for Nonprofits

In a world where technology changes daily and compliance feels like quicksand, non-profits deserve simplicity. But without the right systems, the mission gets muted.

Efficient Databases

From chaos to clarity, our solutions transform your database into a powerful tool

Compliance Made Easy

Navigate the maze of compliance with confidence. We’ve got your back.

Focus on Your Mission

With streamlined systems, you can get back to what you do best: making a difference.

How to Start

Transform your systems and achieve your goals with professional and personalized support.

  • Schedule a Consultation
    Let’s understand your challenges

  • Tailor Your Solution
    Custom tech solutions designed for your unique needs

  • Implement & Transform
    See the change as your mission takes center stage


TriYoung, Inc. partners with businesses, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits, transforming their data management and workflow challenges into opportunities for growth. Leveraging our expertise and innovative technology solutions, we streamline operations and enhance productivity to unlock new potential, enabling our clients to focus on their mission-critical work and make a lasting impact

Testimonials from our trusted clients

Discover What Our Clients Say About Us

Very Knowledgeable about IT

TriYoung Business Solutions is very knowledgeable about IT. Julie and her team provide excellent customer service and innovative solutions. I highly recommend Tri Young Business Solutions for your IT needs!

Paul B.

Highly Recommend them

These guys are amazing. I have know Julie and her team for almost 10 years and in that time have seen them grow and flourish and really excel at what they do. I highly recommend them for IT consulting services.

Shelley B.

TriYoung was instrumental

TriYoung was instrumental in developing our computer server and systems we still follow for 20+ years.

Fred W.

Experience the TriYoung Difference

“People work with us because we are people-people with IT expertise. We are not IT people who happen to work with people. This makes us unique in IT. And we make IT work for the people we love to serve so that they can serve the people they’re called to serve. And that’s the beauty of TriYoung.”

Julie Young, President