History About the Company

TriYoung, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Julie Young, a native of Phoenix, Arizona, who has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years. TriYoung supports a federally funded database for several county and state government grant offices as well as supporting several innovative business database solutions for reporting and business management. TriYoung is dedicated to strategic technology solutions that are designed for the current business requirements, yet scalable for the future business requirement along with remarkable customer service.

Triyoung inc. WHY CHOOSE US

TriYoung is dedicated to strategic technology solutions that are designed for your current business requirements, yet also grow with your future business needs, delivered with remarkable customer service from a team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals.

The TriYoung team has extensive experience working alongside companies to get the data they need into and out of their data systems. This typically includes support like data mining and report development as well as making databases more user friendly, faster, and more compatible with your organization’s particular workflows and needs. We work with companies to customize interfaces for databases that ensure accurate and complete collection of data elements that may have historically been difficult to collect or to collect correctly. We work hard to eliminate the need, wherever possible, for users to have to enter the same data by hand into multiple systems. We strive to help you work smarter, not harder!

The TriYoung Team has worked with CAREWare and Ryan White Grant Recipients and subrecipients since 2000 both with database and reporting issues as well as business needs regarding Ryan White programmatic requirements. Our team is made up of individuals with varying work experience including ADAP management, Ryan White Part B program management, Ryan White Part A reporting, data analysis, quality management, and quality improvement. Our team is also made up of a programmer working in CAREWare since 2005 and over 30 combined years of IT experience on the TriYoung team. This knowledge allows TriYoung to be flexible to meet your needs whether they involve CAREWare and data sources or operational and programmatic issues you face.

  • Triyoung Vision

    To provide customer-focused database services that help businesses realize their full potential by making the most of their data, time and resources.

  • Triyoung Mission

    At TriYoung, Inc., we take a piece of software and truly think “outside the box”. This gives businesses unlimited possibilities for integrating software, reporting, data validation, training and workflow.

  • Triyoung Core Convictions

    Passion Commitment to our clients

    Integrity Deliver on your promises

    E2 Efficiently deliver Effective services

    Meaningful work Build with heart and creativity

    Fearlessness Perseverance without barriers

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