Daniel Calas

Systems Analyst

From Law Enforcement Aspirations to the Heart of IT

Daniel Calas’ trajectory into the world of Information Technology might seem unconventional at first. Initially setting his sights on a career in law enforcement, health reasons prompted a recalibration of his path, landing him squarely in the dynamic realm of IT.

With both an AA & BAS Degree in Information Management under his belt, Daniel joined TriYoung in 2022, bringing along a robust skillset in Database Management, Excel, Access, Power BI, SQL Server, .Net, CSS, and HTML. Today, he stands as the crucial 1st line of support for clients, particularly focusing on Arkansas, IDOH & Maricopa County. In addition to these jurisdictions, Daniel also handles data-related support for other areas, showcasing his flexibility and adaptability.

Daniel’s ultimate professional goal is to evolve into a Database Administrator, a trajectory he’s earnestly working towards. His commitment to continuous growth and knowledge acquisition underpins every professional endeavor he embarks upon. This passion for learning was ignited during his college days when he served as a tutor in the computer lab. It was here that he developed a keen understanding of diverse learning styles and honed his patience.

From there, his career took him to various companies, each of which tested and expanded his computer capabilities. Self-motivated and dedicated, Daniel took it upon himself to independently expand his skillset, driven by his fervent passion for learning.

For Daniel, life’s philosophy is simple yet profound: “Life is a game, play well.” Outside of his professional sphere, he’s ardently devoted to continuous learning, aiding those in need, and ensuring that everyone around him enjoys their time. His journey from aspiring law enforcer to a key figure in IT is a testament to his resilience, adaptability, and never-ending quest for knowledge.