David Fredrickson

Software Engineer

Engineering Excellence with a Relentless Pursuit of Growth

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree from UW-LaCrosse, David Fredrickson embarked on his professional journey into the world of software development in 2021. David’s technical acumen spans a wide spectrum, encompassing Java, JavaScript, VB.NET, C#, SQL, HTML, CSS, and other programming languages. This diverse skillset makes him a formidable force at TriYoung, Inc.

As a software engineer, David’s primary role is two-fold: one, ensuring that the products developed are functional and efficient. He dives deep into understanding their challenges and needs, ensuring a seamless user experience.

A hallmark of David’s professional philosophy is continuous growth. He is unyielding in his commitment to expand his skills and consistently improve efficiency. This drive for growth and perfection is reflected in every line of code he writes and every client interaction he undertakes.

However, for David, the joy of being a part of TriYoung, Inc. goes beyond codes and software solutions. At its core, it’s about the people. The camaraderie shared with a fantastic team is what makes working at TriYoung an enriching experience. The team’s combined expertise in technology and their collective zeal for life makes every day a memorable journey.