Julie Young


Charting the Course of Technological Progress at the Helm of TriYoung, Inc.

Julie Young’s professional odyssey began in the mid-’80s, where she found herself working for a local credit union. This initial brush with technology led her to the “computer department” where she was introduced to the fascinating world of computer operations on mainframe systems, such as the DEC 1144/1170. As someone who commenced her journey performing batch operations and creating backups on reel-to-reel tapes, Julie soon recognized the allure of automation – particularly in streamlining repetitive, mundane processes.

Her academic accolades include a Magna Cum Laude distinction from Western International University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. This academic grounding paired perfectly with her professional trajectory. By the ’90s, she was crafting automation processes for reconciling accounting entries, building tools for automobile lease tracking, and even pioneering a reconciliation tool as an independent consultant to settle telecommunications disputes.

Launching TriYoung Inc. in 1998, Julie’s leadership mantra focuses on community service through client engagement. As the President, her mission is not just executive oversight but is deeply rooted in mentoring and guiding tomorrow’s leaders. Julie ensures every task undertaken by the team has the full backing and expertise of the leadership, right up to the Presidential level.

Julie’s inherent drive doesn’t end at her professional endeavors. Whether she’s enjoying her favorite pastime of creek fishing, finding solace in the serene landscapes of Kona, Hawaii, or displaying her culinary prowess by whipping up meals tailored to individual tastes, Julie exemplifies a life lived to the fullest. To encapsulate her approach to life, she signs off personal emails with heartfelt sentiments – “Go All In or Stay Home…Livin With NO Regrets… Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness.”

Yet, despite her numerous accolades and successes, Julie remains grounded. Her cherished moments are those spent supporting her daughter’s family and awaiting the arrival of her fifth grandchild. Julie and her husband are a team, often dedicating their time to serving others, except during their treasured moments in Kona.

A humorous anecdote from her journey involves the infamous “Post-it Note Incident.” During a time when digital documents were a luxury, staff would utilize Post-it notes to communicate key points. Julie, overwhelmed by the inundation, promptly called for their abolishment. However, her team, ever the jesters, retaliated by plastering her entire office with Post-it notes one December weekend. This delightful memory remains, perhaps archived on a Post-it note itself.