Mike Plymire

Lead Software Developer

Crafting the Future, One Code at a Time

Mike Plymire has always been captivated by the intricacies of technology. From his childhood, where he would disassemble gadgets to discern their workings, to earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Wright State University, his journey has been a testament to curiosity and persistence.

Since joining TriYoung in 2018, Mike’s core competency lies in ensuring that the code he crafts is not only efficient but also dynamic and scalable. Adept in a vast array of technical tools, from Version Control to ASPX, Mike’s toolbox includes the likes of SQL, .NET, and the Agile methodology, to name a few. His objective is clear: to continually improve his skills and acquaint himself with a broader set of industry tools.

While his technical expertise is commendable, it’s the ethos of TriYoung that truly resonates with him. The goal-oriented leadership and the emphasis on customer satisfaction are cornerstones that make his professional journey truly rewarding. To Mike, seeing a satisfied customer is more than just a job well done; it’s a testament to the team’s commitment and drive.

His personal motto reflects his tenacity: “The habit of persistence is the habit of victory.” This determination spills over into his personal life as well. Home is where the heart is, and Mike’s heart is with his family. He revels in the cultural mosaic of his household, enriched by the Romanian heritage of his wife, and the joyous challenges posed by their multilingual nine-year-old son. When not engrossed in the digital realm, Mike finds solace in home improvement projects, staying updated with the latest tech trends, and cherishing moments with his loved ones.