Natalia Trodahl

Account Manager

Turning Complex Client Visions into Innovative Solutions

From the sleek interiors of a Porsche autobody shop to the intricacies of bank telling; from instructing young minds to overseeing grants, Natalia Trodahl’s professional trajectory has been nothing short of eclectic. With a Master of Arts degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and a rich tapestry of roles since 2005, Natalia epitomizes adaptability and resilience.

At the core of her professional ethos is a profound dedication to client satisfaction. As the Account Manager at TriYoung, Inc., Natalia seamlessly intertwines project management, sales, client relations, and project coordination to ensure that the company not only meets but exceeds client expectations. Her versatility doesn’t end there – whether it’s understanding a client’s IT needs during initial consultations, meticulously managing project updates, or navigating the intricacies of billing and contracts, Natalia’s diverse skill set is an asset.

Her competencies include an expert understanding of matching the right product solution to a client’s needs. She possesses a keen ability to oversee timelines, resources, and client expectations, ensuring projects are timely and within budget. Natalia’s experience in both IT and social services has enriched her with a unique perspective that she employs in innovatively addressing the complex issues that clients present.

At the heart of her job lies the joy of providing innovative solutions. Natalia believes in the power of creativity and strives to ensure that challenges are not met with a defeatist attitude. Instead, she endeavors to find creative solutions, embodying the ethos of “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Outside her professional realm, Natalia is driven by her core values of generosity, kindness, and personal growth. Maya Angelou’s words, “If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities,” resonate deeply with her. To Natalia, each client’s vision is that “solitary fantasy”, and she dedicates herself to turning it into a tangible, transformative reality.