What is Rapid Start?

The overall goal of the RAPID Start (Rapid Antiretroviral Therapy Start) system is to have locations where persons newly diagnosed with HIV (or out of care) can rapidly access antiretroviral therapy (ART) and have a smooth transition to their medical home. This system allows all clinics, Ryan White (RW) funded and private, the ability to report into one system for streamlined reporting for the City, County and/or State in the efforts of “Getting to Zero”.

The Rapid Start system is secured using a secure website with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Two-Factor Authentication (Using the Google Authenticator algorithm) when accessing the system.

Features & Benefits of Rapid Start


  • Deindentification of client PHI Integrated with CAREWare
  • Central database for jurisdictional reporting
  • Simplified Interface
  • System calculated measures
  • Visualization tool ready output
  • System can accept data inputs just like CAREWare


  • Non-Ryan White funded clinics included for data reporting
  • All standard reporting can be done in CAREWare for RW funded and non-RW funded clinics
  • One database for reporting
  • Reduce training time, increase accuracy and data completeness
  • Accuracy and standardization of outcome measures
  • Flexibility to produce reports readily without a data expert
  • Reduce duplicate data entry
  • Simplified data integration requirements

How the RAPID Start System Can Help

Non-Ryan White clients are deidentified by Rapid Start interface. Our Data is stored in multiple systems. Client data is stored in CAREWare.

Reports are in standard CAREWare Format.

Data is stored in CAREWare and reports are available at any time, rapidly developed and with minimal to no cost.