What is RWISE?

Ryan White Integrated Statewide Eligibility (RWISE) is a web-based interface developed by TriYoung, Inc. that uses the CAREWare database to provide an interface for eligibility teams to receive, review and process eligibility for the Ryan White Program. The interface is built using the standard program interface available for CAREWare along with direct data access as needed for the custom areas of CAREWare.

How RWISE Can Help

Identified Problems

  • RSR takes forever to get cleaned up at the end of the year

  • I can’t get people to enter data that they are supposed to
  • The manual disenrollment of clients is an administrative burden.
  • I can’t always find the information I need about my client

Identified Solutions

  • Data collection is captured in a modernized flow that ensures proper collection of data on the front end
  • Data is captured and validated on front end to ensure completeness of all required elements
  • Majority of disenrollment are handled by system logic and only exceptions are necessary for manual review greatly reducing the administrative burden
  • Client data is organized and customizable to what you need to see and use

RWISE Features

  • Customizable to meet program requirements
  • We integrate with CAREWare proper
  • Data Validation and System Calculated Fields and dates based on the program roles/requirements
  • Automatic closing process
  • Eligibility management for multiple programs in one system
  • Web-based with document storage, online help system and self service options

RWISE Benefits

  • Improved workflow and logic at point of data entry to make RSR/ADR easier
  • Increased precision of eligibility calculations
  • Integrates with specialty programs with unique additional eligibility requirements
  • Authorized providers will have real-time access to eligibility documents for shared clients
  • HRSA endorsed CAREWare – Same security system (same username/password as CAREWare proper)
  • TriYoung has an established working relationship with jProg, the developer of CAREWare