We are thrilled to celebrate Ian Taylor’s third anniversary at TriYoung, Inc. Ian’s journey with us is a testament to his dedication, passion, and unwavering drive to make a difference. Let’s take a closer look at his inspiring path and the incredible impact he’s made in his role as Technical Manager.

From Analyst to Manager: A Path of Leadership

Ian began his TriYoung journey in June 2021 as a Software Development Support System Analyst, quickly becoming known for his meticulous attention to detail and strong work ethic. His ability to curate requests and manage requirements between the Development and Support teams stood out immediately, making him a linchpin in our operations.

In 2023, Ian was promoted to Technical Manager, where he now expertly bridges the gap between teams while ensuring seamless backend operations, crafting intricate reports, and collaborating closely with clients on technical matters. His core vision has always been clear: to simplify clients’ lives and jobs through seamless data integration and comprehensive reporting.

Passion for Learning and Problem-Solving

Ian’s professional journey is rooted in a genuine passion for learning and problem-solving. He strives to deeply understand the applications and users he supports, aiming to be a resource who either knows the solution or can swiftly find it. His ability to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve complex issues efficiently has earned him high praise and trust from colleagues and clients alike.

His journey to IT is as unique as his skills. Originally starting his college career with an accounting major, Ian soon pivoted after a fateful conversation with his campus guidance office, discovering his true calling in Business IT. This decision set him on the path to success he’s walked ever since.

Reliability and Willingness to Help

Perhaps most importantly, Ian is highly regarded for his reliability and willingness to assist with any issue, big or small. He has earned a reputation as someone who can be counted on, always ready to dive in and find solutions to whatever challenges arise.

Thank You, Ian

We are grateful to have Ian as our Technical Manager. His commitment to learning, innovation, and problem-solving continues to inspire us all. Thank you, Ian, for three fantastic years, and here is to many more of excellence and collaboration at TriYoung!


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