Franchesca Charles

Systems Analyst

Empowering Communities Through Technology and Human Services

Franchesca Charles’s journey into the realm of systems analysis began with a background enriched by diverse experiences in Eligibility, Case Management, Social Services, Compliance, Regulations, and Technical Account Management. Joining TriYoung, Inc. in 2022, Franchesca brought a unique blend of passion for human services and a deep understanding of technology.

Equipped with a proficiency in Agile framework, Data Analysis, and Case Management, Franchesca’s role extends beyond mere consultation. She embodies the essence of being an ‘Agent of Change’ and an advocate for the clients she serves. Through her sharp analytical abilities and keen attention to detail, she identifies tools and solutions vital for enhancing business operations, effectuates necessary changes, and trains teams to adeptly use the systems.

With an ambitious eye on the future, Franchesca envisions enhancing her skills in cybersecurity and working closely with HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS) programs. However, the heart of her role lies in her interactions with clients. Working with diverse client groups, each with distinct community needs, allows her the joy and privilege of aligning with teams that share a unified purpose.

Franchesca’s inclination towards human services took root during her tenure at a Housing Authority. It was here that she recognized her fervor for uplifting communities. Transitioning to consulting was a natural progression, enabling her to magnify her impact across communities nationwide. Through ensuring organizations are equipped with the right tools, Franchesca knows she plays a pivotal role in bolstering the communities they serve.

Embracing challenges with resilience and optimism, Franchesca often remarks, “My entire life has consisted of me taking all my lemons and making some incredible lemonade.”

Outside her professional life, Franchesca is a doting mother to two wonderful children. Cherishing every moment with them, she fervently believes in creating lasting memories. Her passion extends to aiding others and seeking genuine, profound interactions with those around her. And yes, she eagerly awaits that virtual ice cream party!